When advertising guru, Bill Bernbach wrote these words half a century ago, advertising, it seems, was a straightforward business. The truth is, it still is.

Advertising is simply how you inform your market about your product, and persuade people to buy yours instead of your competitors'. But as with so many things, just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy to do well.

Good advertising has to be fresh, original and imaginative if it is to stand out in a crowded market place and attract attention. It has to convey the essence of the product and display it in a language - both written and visual - that the market understands and finds appealing. But most importantly of all, it must say something that is worth hearing.

G3 Creative have a vast experience of creating and producing innovative, eye-catching and effective advertising, from small one-off ads within Scotland to nationwide campaigns. Clients often choose us instead of larger design agencies because we are nimble and offer a personal touch at a fraction of the cost. Remember press advertising really can reinforce your message. Our advertising team have a wide experience across most media platforms, including press, print, online, outdoor advertising (such as 16 sheet and 48 sheet posters) and radio.

Although we have particular design expertise in Scotland for tourism and hospitality, we have worked for clients in a variety of sectors, such as health, food producers, charities, offshore, local enterprise companies and many more - just have a look over our showcase page.

Do you have a brand or new initiative that requires a new focussed direction and energy? At G3 Creative our efficient design team we know that good campaigns that drive sales and build brands have almost always a great hook, a repeatable theme and a consistent brand layout.

Our small graphic design team believe that a good reputation means everything. We do not employ sales executives only designers, so we live by our graphic design portfolio and the success our clients achieve from our design services. The G3 Creative design team can hit the ground running and help you grow your business. If you are looking for more visibility and some forward-thinking advertising then G3 Creative can help drive your business forward. We develop a strategic partnership with all our clients to create solutions you might not expect from a small Glasgow graphic design studio in Scotland.


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